Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Obama's address to High School American Students

Well, I haven't posted for so long, but I guess this video deserves a posting.
This is the speech that President Obama delivered just a few days ago in a high school in the USA. It's an inspirational message.

Any comments? Remember you are all welcome to post your opinions here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grammar Practice

If you do the following exercises, you will do a thorough revision of conditional sentences.

What makes a good movie?

What makes a good movie? Consider
  • the acting
  • special effects
  • plot (complicated, simple?)
  • supporting cast
  • music score
  • lots of action
  • a happy ending
  • a political or social message
  • larger than life or true-to-life characters
  • (in the case of foerign films) subtitles or dubbed dialogue

You can use this language to write your opinions:
  • I think the most important thing is .......
  • ............. is a priority for me.
  • I think a film has to have .......
  • A film doesn't have to ........
  • Personally, I think .......
Write your opinions on this topic in the comments area. (Remember to click on comments.)

Listening Comprehension

Let's go on with the topic of movies.

Listen to this conversation and do the exercises. (Read the information in the pre-listening task and about idiomatic expressions)

After doing the listening, do the vocabulary exercises.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You will listen to an American man talking about his favourite movies. First listen and do the exercise (read the instructions carefully) . The transcript is at the bottom of the page but please don't look at it until after you have done the listening exercises.
Click here to start.

Now why don't you recommend a movie to us? Remember to tell us a bit about the plot (but not too much so as not to spoil the fun), the actors in it, the director if you remember his/her name, etc. What made you like that film so much?

Click on 'comments' at the bottom of this posting and then write your recommendation in 'post a comment' , select a profile (I guess you will need a google or yahoo account to do so, but not sure, just try) and then click on 'publish your comment'.

Looking forward to reading your reviews. Come to think of it, this is really a service to the community (our class). If we have to be isolated at home because of the epidemics, we can always see a good movie.


Hi everybody,
Hope you are all fine and have not gone done with flu or caught any other nasty bugs which seem to be running wild around us.
Now let's get down to business. The first thing I'd like you to do is some homework which you will have to send to me as an attachment in a word doc to my mail.
- book page 73 - Zoom in: negative prefixes - Ex 2
- book page 82 - Vocabulary - ex 1 a
- book page 82 - Language focus - ex 1 (Have a look at the photocopies on inversion before doing this ex)
- Workbook page 78 - Collocations - Ex 1a and 1b
- Workbook page 79 - Phrasal verbs - Ex 2a and 2b (You will have to work with an English-English dictionary- There's an online dictionary on your left. Just type the word you want to look up and click on search)
- Workbook page 81- Complete the sentences

Don't panic. This homework looks longer than it actually is. The exercises are quite short.

Please, keep visiting the blog because I will be publishing different kinds of assignments, things which I hope you will find more appealing.