Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You will listen to an American man talking about his favourite movies. First listen and do the exercise (read the instructions carefully) . The transcript is at the bottom of the page but please don't look at it until after you have done the listening exercises.
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Now why don't you recommend a movie to us? Remember to tell us a bit about the plot (but not too much so as not to spoil the fun), the actors in it, the director if you remember his/her name, etc. What made you like that film so much?

Click on 'comments' at the bottom of this posting and then write your recommendation in 'post a comment' , select a profile (I guess you will need a google or yahoo account to do so, but not sure, just try) and then click on 'publish your comment'.

Looking forward to reading your reviews. Come to think of it, this is really a service to the community (our class). If we have to be isolated at home because of the epidemics, we can always see a good movie.


  1. Hi everybody,
    This is what Sandra wrot:

    "The Prince of Tides"

    The Prince of Tides is one of the most moving films made in Hollywood in the nineties. It is based on the novel written by Pat Conray and directed by Barbra Streisand.
    It tells the story of Tom Wingo, a football coach, whose marriage and life are in a deep crisis. Tom has to travel to New York when his sister attempts to commit suicide.
    When he arrives in the city Tom meets the psychiatrist Susan Lowenstein, who is treating his sister.
    Tom and Susan begin a love affair until the moment to choose between a new life together or an attempt to go back to their old ones comes.

    It is an intelligent film whose last phrase spoken by Nick Nolte while he is driving along a bridge :"And I wish again that there were two opportunities in life for every man and every woman" must have made more than one person stop and think.

  2. Hi everybody, this is what Micaela wrote:

    well now that i'm better than 2 weeks ago i can write something about a film that i saw during my "holidays". Its name is "MY NAME IS AUGUST RUSH" and i have to admit that it really touched my soul and i cried a lot!

    Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell) is a brilliant cellist who has just finish performing a concert in New York City. Lyla goes out on the town with her friend and end up at a party near New York Washington Square. She meets Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) an Irish guitar player. They share the love of music and end up falling in love and bonding together that night. It was the most wonderful night in Lyla's life. Lyla must rush back to the hotel where her father Thomas (William Sadler) is waiting for her. Lyla promised to meet Louis in Washington Square, but her father forces her to go to her next concert. They are like two ships that pass in the night, never to see each other again, except for the fact that Lyla is now with a child. Sadly, Lyla has a car accident and the unborn child is lost. Eleven years pass and Lyla's father is on his death bed, and he must tell her the truth that he secretly gave Lyla's baby boy up for adoption. August Rush (Freddie Highmore) is her child, who was born with the gift to hear music all around him. He believes that he will find his parents if they only hear his music, because they are truly bonded by their music.
    I totaly recommend it! Add August Rush to your must see list for the holidays.